Collective Strategies

It all starts with presence and deep listening. What are you looking for? What does your project need? What challenges do you face? What are the creative possibilities? What collective strategies can we develop together?

What we offer

Discover some of the ways our collective strategies can support your project!





The presence of a facilitator who brings an external perspective to a collective process can be the difference between the success and failure of the project.

We work with you to create the ideal methodology for your face-to-face or virtual meetings and gatherings. We can implement governance and decision-making systems, facilitate strategic planning meetings, support collaboration between organizations and their communities, and help you to fully evaluation ongoing or finished processes. We shape our proposal according to your needs!

With the right approach, conflict can be the most powerful driver of collective growth.

We use mediation practices that build trust and commitment among the members of a group, which increases the quality of work and the effectiveness of the project. We create spaces for dialogue, harvesting the energy generated by the conflict and applying it to practical solutions that, instead of blocking, can feed the project. Our methodologies are also used as “preventive medicine,” sustaining a friendly and transparent field within a collective. We also offer extrajudicial mediation services for family members, neighbors or groups.

Every project starts as a dream in someone’s imagination and evolves to become a collective dream.

As CoCreators, we help the individual/group to clarify the dream, defining its scope, purpose, guiding principles, and strategic planning. We use innovative methodologies to reflect, refine, direct, co-create and manifest so that action plans are creative, strategic, effective and simple!


People can absorb 80% of information they see graphically, but only 20% of what they read and just 10% of what they hear.

Graphic Facilitation makes meetings more visual, engaging, and effective – and a lot more fun! With graphic recording, we can transmit strategic information with more quality and clarity, making the complex simpler and more effective!

This is a collective strategy tool that can make a difference for your team.


Good stories must be well told to weave a narrative of positive transformation in the world! The right approach helps the project to delve into its essence, visualize its context and communicate its value proposition to the world.

Only by understanding who we are and where we are can we design how and where we want to go!

We work with strategic communication and branding to manifest the brand identity, positioning and narrative that will guide the communication of the project.


We accompany projects through whatever challenges they are working through!

Consultancy allows us to mix and apply different methodologies towards one aim: helping the project to work at its maximum creative potential.

We offer general services in project design, planning, management  and evaluation. We can help you hit the ground running, defining your scope, purpose, establishing goals, strategic planning, taking action with quality, and then evaluating results to celebrate the lessons learned. For each stage, we have a wide range of innovative tools that make these processes more precise!

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